The Ultimate Coffee Purchase! 60kg ( Whole sack) or 30kg ( half sack)


The Ultimate Coffee Purchase! and would be a great Christmas Present or Wedding gift.

Being a very small award winning roaster and coffee operator is tough… the journey has been eye opening from all angles and from your perspective as a customer I’ve seen what some roasters are charging people for Speciality coffee! I just can’t believe it…

Here’s the deal, think off it the same way people store wine.

  • You save up to 50% on your coffee paying on average £13.50 per kg rather than £18-25
  • We store the coffee for you for up to 24 months in airtight tubs and send you the sack to hang on your wall or make into something lovely and send you a card with full details of the coffee & farm.
  • At any time you can order minimum of 1kg and maximum of 5kg for yourself.
  • Gift any amount to anyone you like in the UK it just has to be at least 1kg.

For me it’s simple I just want to provide outstanding tasty coffee, roast it well with clear traceable steps on where the coffee as come from and who it has past through to get into your cup. Don’t think fair-trade think direct trade.

I’ve spent a long periods of time in the last 2 years to get good at roasting and have create coffee that’s very good. With basic equipment and some love I’ve started winning awards and my customer base is growing everyday.

I think I’m the first coffee roaster in the UK that is offering you the chance to have Wholesale prices and your very own massive bag of coffee!!

The Coffee industry is all about scale, and you need to reach a certain scale to have a business that will last and to be able to buy in larger amounts.

So to reach that scale and buy in bulk from farms I’m offering retail customers wholesale prices!

That’s right 60kg of green unroasted coffee!  which works our at around 48kg – 50kg after it’s been roasted due to water evaporation and expansion.

Current Coffees Available for this service are from Dbarabosa Farm in Brazil. If you’d like to find out about other coffees we can offer a personalised find and buy service.

You can also gift this to someone, just make a note when ordering and we’ll be in contact so make sure it’s a special present.



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