Decaf – Colombia – Paulo Rosa Gourment


Processing : Sugarcane decaf
Varietal: Caturra
Cupping notes
An explosion of floral notes twinned with an aftertaste of apricote fruit punch. The balance of sweetness and citric accidity in perfect harmony – topped off with a velvet mouthfeel.

Even after 98% of the caffeine has left the bean the original flavour profoile remanin in tact. This is a result of the careful process whereby the beans are steamed and moistened to remove the skin and soften the beans. Ethyl Acetate is then added which is recirculated until only 98% of the caffein remains. The beans are them steamed to ensure that no ethyl Acetate remains on the bean. Through our own experiments we have found a slighter longer roast curve brings out a more complex flavour keeping the sweetness and acidity in harmony, whilst also adding a velvety body.
cup score