Ethiopian – Black Honey Process – Microlot


This is a very limited Microlot from Ethiopia once it’s gone there  will be no more.

(price  includes 48 hour Royal Mail postage)

Variety : Heirloom 

Altitude – 2000 – 2200 

Process – Black Honey 

Farm – Malawo, Shantawene Village,Bensa 

Tasting Notes: Blueberry,Raspberry, Dark chocolate, Chewy Body, Clean

These are smaller beans and roasted med/dark. 

Malawo is named after honey in the Sidama language.
The coffee is sourced from Shantawene, Sidama and it is a contribution of 563 Daye Bensa member farmers from the SHANTAWENE area and Gatta Daye Bensa Farm.

The coffee is processed as a  Black Honey, unusual for Ethiopia but the team at Daye Bensa decided to start doing it to try to be at the forefront of the market and to push the processing boundaries for Ethiopia.

As soon as the coffee is received it gets sorted by floating and picking out the ripe cherries.When they pulp the coffee they leave as much of the mucilage on as possible to make this black honey. It is then dried  on African beds for 13-15 days; one person is assigned per bed to rotate the cherries every 15 minutes to ensure uniformity of drying.