About us

We’ve been roasting since 2018, with hours of hard work & dedication with amazing support from the local community we have built a small successful coffee roasting company in Cricklewood, North West London

Award winning within 6 months

Teaching ourselves via Youtube and Google we spent many hours roasting and tasting which led us to winning 5 Great Taste Awards and being Cricklewood’s first ever Great Taste Producer.

The Truth about Sustainability

‘Sustainable’ is one of the words thrown around a lot these days by companies to gain customers. No company can guarantee they are 100% sustainable.

We guarantee you that we are 100% transparent and we want to limit our impact on the planet as much as possible. If you want to find out more or ask a question please do. 


We’ve been in a few papers and publications

We’ve been lucky to be included in the following…

Read the article about us on the Brent Cross Town Site

Direct Trade is better than Fairtrade

Sourcing our green coffee as direct as we can and building relationships with small importers and farms is the only way to make sure everyone pays the right price for their coffee. In our opinion Direct Trade is far better than FairTrade.


We partner with some of the newest and forward thinking importers in the world